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How to Stay Healthy in Today’s Modern World

To lead a healthy life it takes more than a routine medical check up, different from what many people think. It has been revealed through studies that a few of the main causes of mortality in the United States (heart diseases, cancers, stroke, bronchitis) are cases avoidable if a healthy lifestyle is followed.

You can be healthy by following a few steps like taking a healthy diet, exercise and preventing few bad habits like excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.

It is like the old proverb which says “prevention is always better than cure”. Keep in mind that it is less expensive not to smoke than to smoke. It is less expensive not to drink than to drink, in spite of that people select the tougher alternative which is associated with innumerable health problems.

Living a Healthy Life by Exercising

In case exercise is not a part of his/her regular routine then it cannot be claimed by anyone that they live a healthy lifestyle. Exercises do aid you in several physical and social ways, as it makes your muscles and bones strong, gives you flexibility and improves nutrient uptake from the blood to the cells to keep the cells healthy.

It helps you socially as usually when you are engaged in a work out, you get to interact with new friends at the gym and take pleasure in that kind of interaction. Regular exercising helps your self esteem. Exercise can further help you mentally too by enhancing you mental alertness. Exercises help in making your life complete and protect you against depression.

Healthy Dieting

The food that you consume holds great importance and is a main feature in judging the future of your health status. Fats should be avoided by everyone even by those who don’t want to lose weight because of the risk of hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.

You need to consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can, which should occupy a larger portion of space in your refrigerator. You can attain longevity and healthier life by consuming the adequate food in the right quantity with lowered calorie levels. Obtaining the essential nutrients required by you, such as calcium and iron, and further maintaining your weight under control may help.

You need to make sure that your meals include all the important nutrients required by your body and when it is hard to achieve this, then dietary supplement should be used. The calories that you obtain from food should be balanced with the calories used by you through physical activity.

A variety of foods should be consumed, particularly dark-green leafy vegetables, deep-yellow vegetables, citrus fruits or juices, melons, berries, dry beans, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, whole grains, such as wheat, rice, oats, corn, and barley.

On top of all this you should practice safe sex and drink water only from a trusted source. In case you do get a disease from sex or water, then all your will go waste. Maintain the environment clean and exercise good personal hygiene.

Source by Jason Kent

Healthy Lifestyle in a Modern World

During the recent years many people have started doing exercise, taking yoga classes and also following strict diet in many countries. The reasons behind these activities are many, like work-stress, people suffering from diabetes, people taking lots of fats in their food and due to the pollution and the ongoing urbanization. Most of the people living in the cities suffer from heavy pollution due to heavy intakes of carbon monoxide in their bodies. Due to this heavy intake there are many side effects involved in this process.

Most of the people are also addicted to smoking and alcohol, recent studies by an organization out of 100 people 60 percent drink significantly more than is healthy. Also in most of the countries even the percentage of the female population abusing alcohol is increasing. Due to this many of the doctors suggest people take regular exercises and also play sports in their leisure time. In the last ten years heart diseases has increased enormously from 35% to 70%. In recent years most of the children are born with diseases, a result of their parents poor health and lifestyle. So in these times it is necessary to follow some rules so that our health as well as our younger generations will be healthy.

Keeping healthy is nothing but keeping our body clean with healthy habits like taking regular exercise. First of all a regular jog of 2 km is enough for an individual of an average age. During the school days till college everyone is involved in one or other sport, but when people find a job they forget about health and they soon become busy in their work. One should consult their doctor every 3-4 months for a regular checkup’s. They should not be stressed – if they find stress they should take yoga classes every day, so that their blood pressure will be normal. Otherwise that would lead them to hyper blood pressure or hypo, which may lead to heart disease. Most of the corporate companies in USA as well as rest of the world are employing dietitians, physiotherapists, and also good doctors to take care of their employees.

The next thing I want to discuss is the diet because the intake food which we are taking is responsible for all the fats, carbohydrates,proteins and necessary enzymes which will be useful for the energy conversion or utilization in the human body. We should follow the diet very strictly by avoiding the junk food available in the market. A recent survey states that most of the people fall ill by consumption of junk food. A food with little fat is advisable because by taking more fat content the fat will be accumulated in the veins and arteries in the human body which result in high blood pressure which may lead to heart disease. In order to reduce the fats in the human body we should take less oil or cheese or butter in our food there by controlling the fats in the human body. Regular exercise will be helpful to control the fat in the human body.

By playing sports it will be a good exercise in the human body. Swimming is also a good sport. We should maintain our body weight according to our height. There we can reduce our health problems to most of the extent. I conclude my discussion to the above topic by saying that a regular exercise or yoga and a strict diet and playing sports and regular check ups we can keep our body healthy after all there is an old saying “Health is Wealth”.

Source by James Redwood

Top 10 Reasons Photographers Live Longer Healthier Lives

Each and every day we come in contact with hundreds if not thousands of photographs. We see them on billboards, magazines, newspapers, in our mailbox, and in the family photos that adorn our walls. We barely give a second thought to most. And the more familiar ones we tend to take for granted.

Imagine how that might change if you knew for a fact that taking those photos could actually help you live a longer, healthier life.

My research has shown that taking photos actually can produce enormous physical and mental benefits. Photography’s therapeutic benefits are a scientific reality and here’s why:

1. Activity: there is always some new photo we need to take and somewhere we need to go to take it. It’s really hard to just sit on the couch and take a prize-winning photo. We keep moving.

2. Positive Mental Attitude: we just can’t wait to capture an image of the next amazing thing. We know for a fact that the world is full of wonder and it is our mission, our passion to show it off in our photographs.

3. Sharing: while some minute percentage may take photos strictly for their own personal pleasure, most of us take photos so we can share them with others. We are eager to share our sense of wonder with others. And the compliments they bring sure make us feel good.

4. Connection: through photography we gain a strong sense of connection to this world as a whole and especially to our local community.

5. Fun: we have fun! Each photo outing is a new adventure, a treasure hunt for visual splendor. One never knows what visual prize lies in wait around the next corner. We spend our leisure hours in an activity that we find enjoyable and has no end.

6. Mind Stimulating: each new photo opportunity presents a different challenge. We must always be evaluating the ambient light and surroundings and adjusting our camera settings accordingly. Our minds stay fresh and open because we are in a constant state of learning.

7. New Friends: through taking our photos and sharing them we are constantly surrounded by opportunities for human interaction. Mankind was never built for solitude.

8. Sense of Purpose: we always have a mission, a reason for being. It’s even fun to travel alone when your mission is to come back with great photos to share of the places you explored. In Earl Nightingale’s famous talk, “The Strangest Secret” he observed, “The people who live the longest are the people with something to do.” You’re never too old to take a great photo.

9. Exercise: walking has been heralded as one of the most universally beneficial exercises and we photographers sure do walk a lot. Add in some squats to get that unique angle, some uphill climbs, a little forest terrain and you’ve got some powerful ingredients for healthy living.

10. Freedom from Worry: we concentrate on the excitement of tomorrow, rather than the problems of yesterday. After all, with digital photography, we can always fix yesterday’s shot today with a little Photoshop! We keep our eyes focused on the future, the next shot. Hope for the future is the ultimate Fountain of Youth.

Photography is a healthy, fun activity for people of all ages. So grab your digital camera, brush up on a few tips for better photos and get on out there. A whole new world of wonder is waiting for you. And with all those health benefits, you’ll get even more time to capture all the wonders of this beautiful place called Earth.

Source by Robert Schwarztrauber

Latest News: The Lemonade Detox Diet

The lemonade detox diet is one of the worst fad diets ever concocted, which is really saying something when you consider the competition.

You only need to look at the title to see that this is a very misguided diet. The idea that you can fast using any kind of juice drink as a substitute for food is a dangerously incorrect one, while the whole concept of ‘detoxing’ is backed by precisely zero scientific evidence or even theory.

And if you dig deeper and learn what’s actually recommended by this absurd diet, then things only get worse…

The Instructions

Like many of the very worst diets out there, the ‘Lemon Detox Diet’ is a fasting diet. You aren’t allowed to eat any regular food but instead must survive purely on a single weird lemon concoction. That concoction is called ‘The Master Cleanse Organic Lemonade Mixture’ by some. Because why wouldn’t it be? Organic is just one more buzz word that tells people ‘this must be good!’.

The recipe for this drink, that is going to become 100% of your diet, is as follows:

• 2 TBSP of organic fresh squeezed lemon or lime

• 2 TBSP of organic maple syrup (because honey would be too nutritious??)

• 1/10 TSP of organic cayenne pepper

• 10 oz medium hot water

One can only assume that the cayenne pepper is in there to ‘speed up the metabolism’. As is the lemon no doubt. Of course this misses the fact that on so few calories your metabolism is going to be in the gutter and a tiny bit of pepper isn’t going to make a difference. Why isn’t there more pepper? Because that would be disgusting in a lemon drink. More disgusting that is.

Hot water also no doubt ‘forces your body to cool itself down’ (because no one ever thought of drinking a warm beverage before!). And as for the inclusion of syrup versus honey? That’s probably down to the creators spending only approximately two seconds in coming up with this nonsense.

And as though this wasn’t ridiculous enough already, you’re only allowed ten glasses of this stuff a day. It’s not likely that you’ll be gagging for more but seriously… How many calories will that gain you in a day? 600 to be precise.

But wait, the horror is still not over! Not only are you supposed to live off this awful creation and nothing else, you’re also required to start your day with a ‘salt water cleanse’ (presumably because salt is antibacterial? I’m starting to run out of guesses…) which is warm again (to make you vomit??) and then you end the day with laxatives. Not that you’d need laxatives, seeing as the salt and the lack of food mean you’re going to be peeing out your butt all day anyway.

Does It Work?

There’s no denying that you will lose weight on this regime initially. In fact, you’ll also lose skin color too. And probably hair. And the will to live. If the look you’re going for is ‘emaciated mess’ then sure, go for it!

Thing is though, you won’t even lose as much weight as you probably expect to ironically. Salt increases water retention, so far from encouraging your ‘purge’ this regime can actually lead to a little puffiness. What’s more, as with all fad diets, the weight you do lose is going to pile straight back on as soon as you begin eating normally.

Of course you could remain on this diet… It would kill you sure, but you’d lose weight!

This diet will help you to lose weight in the precise same way that getting a serious stomach infection helps you to lose weight. And if you’re the sort of person who would entertain the latter as a genuine weight loss method, then you need help. No seriously.

The Problems

I’ve already gone over several problems with this diet but in case I haven’t been explicit enough…

This diet is incredibly unpleasant meaning you’re unlikely to stick to it. You’ll be hungry all day and dreading your next lemonade master nonsense/salt detox/herbal laxative. You won’t be getting anywhere near enough protein or fat (yes you do need fat) and the same goes for most of the nutrients. You’ll lose weight, but it will all pile right back on immediately after. You’ll retain water and likely go puffy. You’ll be constantly low on energy and miserable. You’ll be eating only simple sugar which is about the most damaging part of our modern diets. Detoxing is a myth.

If you’re looking for a diet that is quick and effective, then please do yourself a favor and consider literally any other diet.